Squeezed at the Margins

Haven’t had the chance to share the journalism honors thesis I wrote in my senior year, “Squeezed at the Margins: Struggling Artists in the Rental Economy”. It brought me on the adventure of a lifetime – I was given the opportunity to step into the lives of so many urban artists, and given the privilege to learn from mentors who are distinguished artists and journalists.

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The presence of an object of desire is one that evokes euphoria accompanied by bitter melancholy, for it overwhelms with grief those who realize they may never possess it. In fact, some even wish they have never encountered it, for the shortlived exhilaration is almost always replaced by a perpetual yet futile longing. Some of […]

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Vivaldi/Richter – Spring

  Studying abroad has given me the phenomenal experience of soaking in every season, which is perhaps one of my greatest takeaways from the first year of university. From inhaling the intoxicating autumn breeze to weathering intense winter blizzards, from being enthralled by splendid spring blooms to enduring seemingly endless summer heatwaves, I render going […]

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