Squeezed at the Margins

Haven’t had the chance to share the journalism honors thesis I wrote in my senior year, “Squeezed at the Margins: Struggling Artists in the Rental Economy”. It brought me on the adventure of a lifetime – I was given the opportunity to step into the lives of so many urban artists, and given the privilege to learn from mentors who are distinguished artists and journalists.

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Space Garden

If you are like me, you are probably caught in the midst of impending finals doom, dreading the start of exams while simultaneously wishing for them to be over. Oddly enough, it is moments when I am most bogged down by work that I am most compelled to be creative. Why is it that stress […]

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Basking in Solitude

I recall sitting alone on the rocky beach of Bintan soaking in sun rays, inhaling salty breeze and feeling the ocean caress my feet when a couple walked over. “Why are you so sad?” they asked me with concerned expressions.

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Clarke Quay 2.0

Kindred spirits on a journey to the West. I hope you are keeping well, my friends. Dancers: Jubilee Tai, Keoy Wan Hui, ZiQi Lin Photographers: Samuel Ng, Han Xuyang

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