Basking in Solitude

I recall sitting alone on the rocky beach of Bintan soaking in sun rays, inhaling salty breeze and feeling the ocean caress my feet when a couple walked over. “Why are you so sad?” they asked me with concerned expressions.

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Alien Invasion

This series of photos have always struck me as a little otherworldly, partly because my camera was off-focus during the entirety of the shoot and partly because Jubs seems like an extraterrestrial being in such an unnatural setting. I mean it as a compliment, Jubs, I really do.

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Clarke Quay 2.0

Kindred spirits on a journey to the West. I hope you are keeping well, my friends. Dancers: Jubilee Tai, Keoy Wan Hui, ZiQi Lin Photographers: Samuel Ng, Han Xuyang

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