Squeezed at the Margins


Haven’t had the chance to share the journalism honors thesis I wrote in my senior year, “Squeezed at the Margins: Struggling Artists in the Rental Economy”. I’m grateful to NYU Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund (DURF) for supporting my research topic on the spatial and rental challenges that artists in NYC face, as well as the innovative survival strategies they have developed to navigate these obstacles. It brought me on the adventure of a lifetime – I was given the opportunity to step into the lives of so many urban artists, and given the privilege to learn from mentors who are distinguished artists and journalists. I traveled not only across New York City for the project, but also down the Hudson Valley to Newburgh to interview artists who lived there. I also filmed and edited a video which was a finalist in the DURF video contest that will give you a synopsis of my thesis.

And while you are at it, please take a look at the amazing pieces written by my classmates on cases of LGBT violence, migrant mothers who leave their children, why women voters support Trump, a jellyfish invasion, the grim reality of NYC public housing and alternative farming strategies inspired by climate change. Hope this gives you a glimpse into the diverse, dynamic and incredible stories found in our everyday lives.

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