Space Garden

If you are like me, you are probably caught in the midst of impending finals doom, dreading the start of exams while simultaneously wishing for them to be over. Oddly enough, it is moments when I am most bogged down by work that I am most compelled to be creative. Why is it that stress and deadlines are a stimulant for artistic endeavors? If only time ceases to flow in a constant stream and instead expands and contracts when I need it to. That would be very useful.

Anyways, back to my point. Alex happens to be one of my favorite Instagram ballerinas. Since I began dance photography a few years back, I have assiduously stalked her dance photography updates for aesthetic soul food. She is not your ordinary ballerina in pink stockings with a tight bun. She wears rainbow-colored leggings and has tattoos peeking from beneath her leotard. Yet, that defiant attitude makes for an excellent source of creative inspiration. That subversive nature is a fuel for charting her own path. That refusal to conform is why there is no other ballerina like her, and there never will be.

It is always a pleasure to meet creatives who stay true to themselves, who refuse to bend to society’s homogenizing efforts on aesthetics. Alex is certainly one of them, and I thank her everyday for adding a little color to our otherwise banal world.


Photography: Zikki Lin

Dancer: Alexandra Jacob

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